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BlackEarth Minerals Maniry Graphite Project, Madagascar (current 2019)

BlackEarth listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in January 2018. Within 12 months, it had taken the Maniry project from an exploration ground to an indicated resource, completed a Scoping Study and announcing its intention to proceed to a Definitive Feasibility Study. BEM’s mission is to ‘fast track to production’. BatteryLimits is working closely with BlackEarth to help the client achieve its objectives. BatteryLimits has undertaken the project Scoping Study and managed its metallurgical testwork, and will continue to provide support through project development to operation.

MRC Graphite Munglinup Project, Australia (current 2019)

MRC Graphite is a subsidiary of Mineral Commodities Ltd and is developing the Munglinup Graphite project in southern Western Australia. MRC Graphite commissioned BatteryLimits to undertake a Definitive Feasibility Study in 2018/19 following completion of aScoping Study. BatteryLimits is also managing the metallurgical testwork program development.

Fortescue Metals Group Iron Ore Smelter, Australia (current 2019)

BL is using its expertise in iron ore sintering to provide technical support for FMG’s product marketing team. Our senior consultants have extensive sintering experience, including managing and conducting sintering research projects at CSIRO, and specialist product evaluation consulting roles with major iron ore projects.

International Graphite Secondary Processing Project, Western Australia (2018-current)

International Graphite has appointed BatteryLimits as lead engineers for construction of a downstream graphite processing facility, in Western Australia.  The facility will be the first of its kind in Australia producing secondary graphite products for high-tech applications transitioning Western Australia into the renewable energy manufacturing sector.

Arafura Resources Nolans Bore Rare Earths Project, Australia (2015 to current)

Arafura is developing a complex rare earths-phosphate-uranium deposit at Nolan’s Bore about 135 kilometres from Alice Springs, in Australia’s Northern Territory. BatteryLimits has had previous roles in developing the process route for this complex project and is now providing support for piloting of the process.

Image Resources Boonanarring Mineral Sands Project, WA (2015-2018)

Image Resources selected BatteryLimits to manage its Bankable Feasibility Study for development of the Boonanarring mineral sands project north of Perth in Western Australia. Following completion of the BFS, the client selected BatteryLimits to undertake detailed engineering and procurement activities for the project implementation.

Volt Resources Namangale Graphite Project, Tanzania (2016-2017)

BatteryLimits was commissioned by Volt Resources to undertake the Namangale (now Bunyu) Prefeasibility Study, in Tanzania. This project has addressed production scenarios of up to 180,000 tpa graphite concentrate. Volt subsequently adopted a small-scale 500,000 tpa feed start-up project and selected BatteryLimits to undertake the Definitive Feasibility Study.

Black Rock Mining Mahenge Graphite Project, Tanzania (2015-2017)

BatteryLimits was awarded the Preliminary Feasibility Study for Black Rock Mining’s Mahenge graphite project in Tanzania, after establishing strong ties with the project during completion of an initial Scoping Study and management of the metallurgical testwork program and flowsheet development. The additional PFS workscope includes study management, process design and engineering, capital and operating cost estimates,infrastructure and logistics, as well as risk and financial analysis.