Tough market draws industry leader Normet back

Normet, one of Australia’s iconic names in metallurgy and a sister company to Battery Limits, has made a comeback to address the growing demand for hands-on, value for money metallurgy across the mineral processing sector.

For two decades, the WA-based company was associated with the success of some of the country’s biggest minerals processing plants, as well as major ventures in gold, nickel and base metals across the Asia-Pacific region.

It disappeared from the industry scene after being sold in the early 2000s, and founder Phil Hearse went on to establish the high-end process engineering and project consultancy company Battery Limits.

Now, 15 years later, Hearse has re-acquired the company name and revived the Normet business to fill a niche in today’s tough mining market and to assist miners looking for value in development of metallurgical flowsheets, process engineering, and in driving greater performance and return from existing operations.

“Normet cut its teeth during the tough times of the late 80s and early 90s and much of that invaluable experience is still in the group,” Mr Hearse said.

“On top, we have added the technical and business innovations of Battery Limits which is operating in some of the newer sectors, like graphite, rare earths and vanadium, where primary processing is only part of the total value chain.”

The two companies operate independently with Normet spearheading the group’s core metallurgy, process engineering and operations business, under General Manager David Pass, and BatteryLimits focusing on downstream technology and infrastructure, under the leadership of Phil Hearse.

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