In today’s tough mining environment, miners need the best advice from the best people. They need experience and knowledge they can trust.

For almost a decade, BatteryLimits has won the confidence of major clients around the world, from Botswana to Brazil, Turkey to Tanzania, Papua New Guinea to Peru. We provide project advice, process technologies and infrastructure solutions for new ventures, or for established operations wanting to drive more from their investment.

We are known for our technical innovation and smart, practical advice. It is a reputation that has taken us across geographies and across markets, from traditional commodities like gold, silver, iron ore and base metals, to high technology minerals and new generation energy products, such as lithium, vanadium and graphite.

Our expert team of experienced mining professionals has the knowledge and management skill a successful mining project needs, including access to the latest downstream technologies, market intelligence and infrastructure and energy solutions. This is backed by the specialist metallurgy and operations support capabilities of our sister company Normet Pty Ltd.

BatteryLimits will work alongside your team to build your business from mine to market. Our services have been carefully mapped to the project life cycle so we can support you every step of the way – from the earliest stages of investigation and feasibility to optimisation of existing projects.

Our strategy is to support emerging companies and give them excellent service through the tough process of project development. It is an approach that sets us apart from bigger companies and has seen BatteryLimits build long-term relationships with an impressive list of clients who keep returning.

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